Sunday, March 4, 2007

Lunar Eclipse on 3rd March 2007

To view the video catching the bewitching beauty of Lunar eclipse yesterday, please click

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A New Hope for AIDS patients ?


Works When All Other AIDS Drugs Fail,

(as reported in the bulletin of
What follows is a verbatim reportage from the bulletin.

Isentress Works When All Other AIDS Drugs Fail,

Study Shows By Daniel J. DeNoon

WebMD Medical News Reviewed by Louise Chang, MDMarch 1, 2007 --

"Incredibly exciting."
"Road to hope."
"Very exciting."
"A very important milestone in HIV treatment history."

That's what major AIDS researchers are saying about Isentress, the first of a new class of HIV drugs. Early results from two major clinical trials of Isentress were reported this week at the largest annual U.S. HIV conference.

Patients in the studies had run out of treatment options.

After a decade of treatment, the HIV in their bodies had become resistant to at least one drug in each of the three classes of AIDS therapies. Their immune systems had begun to fail and they had high blood levels of HIV.

But when these patients took Isentress in combination with other powerful AIDS drugs, nearly 80% of patients saw their HIV levels plummet to near-undetectable levels after 16 weeks of treatment.

Without Isentress, state-of-the-art treatment helped only 43% of patients to this degree.

Joseph J. Eron Jr., MD, of the University of North Carolina-Chapel

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Saturday, March 3, 2007

Shirts embedded with Live electrocardiograms (ECG) and Pulse Oximeters that wirelessly communicate data to your Cardiologist

Good News for Heart Patients !

What could happen in dreams has
become a reality.
If you are a heart patient and need regular monitoring.
you do not need to carry a portable ECG.
The ECG gets embedded to your shirt, which has electrodes fastened.
The data is gathered and conveyed in real time to your physician
who instantly advises you.
It is gathered from the website that

"Six Fraunhofer Institutes in Germany have spent two years working on a system that can record the main cardiovascular functions 24 hours a day over a long period of time, even away from the doctor's office, and enables communication with qualified medical staff."

For more details,
please visit:

Good Hope for Heart Patients who would like to be on the move on their job while constantly being attended to by their own cardiologists.

Let us hail the work of German Scientists !

Big News Today -


The Lunar Eclipse which happens today (3rd March 2007) will be seen by people in all the Seven Continents.

An Act of Bravery or a Breakthrough in Medical Sciences ?

Kelly Perkins, a 45 year old woman, with a borrowed heart, transplanted a decade ago, climbs a mountain. She is the first person to climb Matterborn, Mount Fuji and mountain Kilimanjaro with another person's heart beating in her chest.

Cheer Her for her Resolute Will power!

Humanoids (Latest Robots at Japan)

Japan's advanced humanoids directed by Professor Tomomasa Sato go to the kitchen, pour a cup of tea, to the cup, come to the hall and serve the tea, collect the empty cup, then go back to wash the tea cup. And all these actions are NOT scripted. Prof Inaba says that for the robots the next challenge would be to act on unexpected situations.