Sunday, February 25, 2007

Old Order Changeth, yielding place to new...

Yes. the old saying goes like that.

Our forefathers were aware that with everything in the Universe changing, the only things that did not possibly change was only the word "CHANGE".

Most of us in our teenages were arguing amongst ourselves that the things do not change, but it is our own levels of awareness, our own knowledge of things around, is so widening and enlarging, every moment, to such an extent, that those of our concepts which we thought, were incredible and unbelievable, were indeed in the realm of possibility.

The totality of knowledge of mankind has risen exponentially during the last fifty years, and what we, humans, have learnt and understood in the last ten years, far exceed that we knew in the last fifty years.

Science particularly applied science has advanced to incredible levels. Technology has both benefited and devastated our way of life. While pure sciences have been able to bring in better quality of life, applied sciences as well as technology have integrated various cultures that were prevalent just a couple of decades ago.

Through this blog, we shall endeavour to focus on the developments that take place across our world every moment. We shall be particularly focussing on inventions or discoveries in the fields like pure sciences.

It is true that hundreds of websites are there where these developments can be known in better depth, but this blog will be one, which will lead onlookers to the right web.

Postings will be done on a weekly basis, and we invite visitors to post their queries / comments.

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