Saturday, March 3, 2007

Big News Today -


The Lunar Eclipse which happens today (3rd March 2007) will be seen by people in all the Seven Continents.

An Act of Bravery or a Breakthrough in Medical Sciences ?

Kelly Perkins, a 45 year old woman, with a borrowed heart, transplanted a decade ago, climbs a mountain. She is the first person to climb Matterborn, Mount Fuji and mountain Kilimanjaro with another person's heart beating in her chest.

Cheer Her for her Resolute Will power!

Humanoids (Latest Robots at Japan)

Japan's advanced humanoids directed by Professor Tomomasa Sato go to the kitchen, pour a cup of tea, to the cup, come to the hall and serve the tea, collect the empty cup, then go back to wash the tea cup. And all these actions are NOT scripted. Prof Inaba says that for the robots the next challenge would be to act on unexpected situations.

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